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Welcome to my site about the two greatest films and comic strip in the world no risk. The Adventures of Barry Mckenzie and Barry Mckenzie holds his own.
These two great films are choc a block full of great actors, everyone who is in them gives a bonzer performance. 
They are my favourite films of all time. I watch them at least once a fortnight , normally with a good dose of the Amber fluid.
The whole crew worked so perfectly to make these great films, an amazing director, a great creator, top actors and an amazing list of other people whose top work helped to make these films so great.
For any one who is unlucky enough to not have seen them, the story goes like this.
In The first film, Barry has to go to England to get his old mans inheritance money, and on his trip he meets plenty of oddball characters. Bazza spends most of the film in search of Fosters and Sheilas. Bazza's an innocent kind of bloke full of great Aussie words and terms. And the great songs he sings, One Eyed Trouser snake and , the Old Pacific Sea.
In the second film he goes to France and Count Plasma kidnaps his Aunt Edna thinking she's the queen, so him and his mates have to go and rescue her great songs in this one too including the ratbag song and a song about the Poms having a go at the Aussies.
The comic book is one of the funniest things I've ever read, pure genius.
If anyone who was in the films or worked on them I'd love to hear from you , because i'm trying to collect as many of the stars\crew autographs from the two films \comics and memorabilia (check my list so far if you like)

Memorabilia and autographs

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